Container Yard Operations

Inland Corporation offers over 14,000sqm container yard. With our secure, convenient and reliable depot management system we are able to offer EDI transactions for up the minute information on your equipment. We also provide a 3 bay maintenance shop and fabrication facility as well as mobile repair capability. Inland Corporation invests heavily in state of the art handling methods and machinery for quick and efficient service our customers have to expect.


Featured Services

Storage for Laden and Empty Containers
QA Laboratory and Testing Analysis
Plug –in Facility
Heating Facility

Our Equipment

Kalmar Empty Container Handler
Boss Toplifter 30 Tonner
Kalmar Forklift 28 Tonner

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    Pier 18 – 2251 Radial Road 10 Vitas,
    Tondo, Manila

    Telephone No:
    (632) 527-7855
    Fax No:
    (632) 301-0237(632) 527-4475

    Barangay Bolboc, Batangas
    City Landmark is before the
    entrance of Batangas Port

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